Nicole Botaitis LMFT Santa Barbara Therapist

Santa Barbara Therapist and Counselor

Nicole A. Botaitis, LMFT, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (#47319) and LPCC, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (#227) specializes in working with adults & adolescents.

She has created a setting for individuals that want a safe, private place to share their feelings, process their thoughts and find a way to move through the angst and unsettledness in their lives.

  • You will have a sounding board and be heard
  • You can feel free to share without shame or embarrassment
  • You can find the support to make the changes you desire
  • You will find a supportive and non-judgmental environment

Nicole helps clients process their issues
and collaborates with them to achieve maximum positive results.

  • Clarity

    help identify and clarify

  • Empowerment

    allow yourself to grow and change

  • Transformation

    to be the person you want to be

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